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⚡️⚡️⚡️Happy Almost New Year! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Makeup Artist and Amber Moon Beauty Expert Sheridan Geller creates the prettiest looks, doesn’t she? Keep reading to see her step by step guide on how to get her gorgeous and glam, yet somehow still subtle and natural  New Year’s Eve look! I’m definitely going to be copying this boho glam look year round for sure! 

Step 1: FACE - To moisturized skin, apply foundation. Sheridan is wearing Shinto 0 in the center of her face, and Shinto 1 towards the outer edges for a subtle contoured look - but no worries if you don’t consider yourself a makeup artist and using two foundations is too much, your everyday foundation will do just fine! Sheridan’s is a plant wax based cream foundation and she applies hers with a diffuser brush, #17, but any brush or sponge you prefer works. 

Step 2: BRONZER! To get a beachy glow, Sheridan mixed bronzer #2 and #3, and applied to her forehead, cheeks, and neck in the classic “3” shape (just imagine starting at one side of your forehead patting in the bronzer and blending, going lightly down your hairline towards your ear, out from your ear to under your cheekbone and back down the side of your face to your neck, creating a 3. She uses a fan brush, #16, to achieve this look. Don’t forget both sides, obvi... and blend! 
Step 3: BLUSH -  #6, Glowing, on highest points of cheeks 

Step 4: BROWS - Fill in brows with pencil or powder. Sheridan used a shadow, #40 - Taupe for the Best, and filled it in using Brow Tamer Brush, #14. Brush brows up with spoolie end of brow brush. 

Step 5: EYES - Use concealer as an eyelid primer and set with translucent powder to prevent creasing and fading. With pointed blender brush, #10, Sheridan applied Cream Boat shadow, #38, all over her lid and up to her brow bone. Next, she applied Rose Colored Glasses, #20, to the lid with large shadow brush, #7 - Followed by Gold School, #21, and then Antiki Bar, #19, both applied in a v-shape to the crease and inner corner, with Angled Shadow Brush #09. Bring Antiki Bar under lower lash line for some extra pop. Don’t forget to softly blend after each step with a clean brush. 

Line upper lids with Bent Liner Brush, #15, swiped on Brown Gel Enduring Liner Pencil - Smudge with Brow Tamer Brush. 

LASHES! Sheridan applied lashes by Hello Beauty and finished with Perfect Mascara in black. If falsies aren’t your thing, add translucent powder to your lashes, curl them, and add multiple coats of mascara for the false lash look! 

Step 6: CONCEALER  - Sheridan used Concealer 2 under her eyes, Concealer 0 in the middle of her nose for highlighting, and she recommends a green based concealer (Concealer 1) to counteract any red spots or blemishes you may want to cover up. Sheridan uses a sponge, concealer brush, #6, or buffer brush, #5, for applying concealer. You can do concealer before or after your foundation, but Sheridan did hers after her eyeshadow to cover up fallout and clean up under her eyes. 

Step 7: LIPS - Sheridan lined and filled in her lips with Enduring Lipliner in light nude and is wearing Peace Lip Gloss on Top. 

All makeup used is by Lime Life by Alcone. Buy makeup, brushes and the same all natural skincare Sheridan uses through her link: 



For more looks and tips by Sheridan, check out her other contributions to the Amber Moon Collective here, and follow her @sheridangeller xx 💋 


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