Velvet California


Velvet California


Velvet California is couture for the California soul.  Created at the beach and inspired by the California state of mind, Velvet California was designed to bring couture back to comfortable clothes.  Vintage inspired and vintage up cycled, this is a hippie chic brand for those who are native Californian dwellers...and for those who just have a little bit of the coast in their hearts.

Each piece is created with love on the Central Coast.  We strive to have everything made locally, on the Central Coast of California, or to use fair trade sourcing.  We care about where our clothing comes from!

The line was born when Katy, a mom, hippie, and lover of all things clothing, couldn't quite find what she was looking for, and decided to design it for herself. She wanted to create clothing that made women feel beautiful and comfortable in who they are.  

We hope that every piece you choose to wear becomes one of your favorite things to wear!

Everything sold by Velvet California is handmade, fair trade, sustainably sourced, or one of a kind designs.  

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