About the Collective

Looking good and feeling good - It's not just a fun catch phrase or a hashtag.... It's a necessity!

When we look our best, we feel our best! You've seen us joke about changing the world one jumpsuit at a time, but it is TRUE!!!
 When you feel your best, you're in a great mood with a positive attitude. Your energy is contagious, touching each person you encounter. You never know who needed your smile or kind words that day. Your energy and vibrations have the power to change the world, step by step - and exponentially increases with every thought you think, action you do, person you talk to, and so on...
Feeling good comes from more than just a great outfit. It starts first with the way our body feels - Wellness, health, nutrition, exercise and most importantly rest, sleep, meditation, and presence. Feeling good in and about our bodies is essential. Your sense of self-worth contributes completely to the way your body looks and feels. How clean, organized and chemical free you keep your home and the things around you also is a necessary factor in your overall well-being. Feeling great about your skin, hair, makeup, and overall look is another necessity. And lastly... Do you have fun? How stress free is your life? Do you listen to and play music? Create art? Spend time in nature? Do you laugh? Have fun at movies, amusement parks, etc.? Travel? Read? Have fun cooking? Or what about taking time to be still, to just BE... 
Yes, Amber Moon Boutique is a clothing store...But it was always started with a dream in mind - to help women look and feel their best in every possible way. The Amber Moon Collective is a place for all of you to become a part of that feeling of well-being, way beyond just buying yourself a new sweater. 
In the Amber Moon Collective, you will meet, learn, and be entertained by some amazing women in our circle. These women align completely with the high vibes Amber Moon Boutique is selling and were personally invited to be part of the Collective. Each of these rad beauties are experts in their field and committed to helping others become the best versions of themselves. Our Collective contributors will be writing blog posts in our Amber Moon Blog, making videos and posting other content on our social media pages - so make sure you are following Amber Moon Boutique // @shopambermoon in all the places!
Maybe you came for a jumpsuit or boho maxi dress, and we truly hope you leave with what you were looking for, but hopefully you gain something else as well - Whether it's knowledge about the properties of an essential oil you've been wanting to try, learned a new technique for lip liner, or had a good laugh on the ups and downs of being a working mom. 
We are here for you, sis! Take what you need.... It’s time for your glow up. 💫✨
So happy to be building this incredible place of sisterhood, high vibes, alignment and wellness. 
xx Amber Moon   #comefortheclothesstayforthevibes
Click on each contributor's link to learn more about them. More friends coming to the Collective soon!
Sheridan Geller // Skincare * Beauty * Makeup * Health and Fitness
Meghan Harlow // Essential Oils * Plant Educator * Health & Wellness
Ally Weinberg // Writer * TV Executive * Satirist
Stacy Schwam // Boutique Owner * Entrepreneur * Fashion & Beauty