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Gretchen Gesell // Educator * Reiki * EFT * Crystals * Health & Wellness * Homeschool * Music

Meet Gretchen!

Gretchen is a magical mama living the dream in sunny SoCal surrounded by crystals, kids, books, and nature. She is a respected educator, energy healer and intuitive counselor who specializes in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Usui Reiki Master level healing. She has been walking between 2 worlds as an educator and healer for the last 20 years because the school experience is incredibly stressful for children, teachers, and parents/caregivers. Over the years, Gretchen has learned and experimented with numerous healing modalities and ideas for healthy living and learning in and out of the classroom. She offers personal sessions and workshops and will be launching a new series of on-line classes in January. 
EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique is one of Gretchen's most popular modalities. It involves tapping a series of points on the body while talking about the feeling/pain/problem. EFT releases the blocked energy/emotion from the mind and body. Gretchen has seen how well EFT works to reduce stress and big feelings like anxiety, worry, anger, fear and sadness in both children and adults. Its easy to learn how to do and sessions can be done on Skype or FaceTime. A parent can work with a child or as a surrogate for a very young child and both experience the benefits.
Reiki is a frequency of healing energy that the practitioner is attuned to. She places her healing hands on or above the person's body and the energy moves through the body releasing blocked energy and rebalancing it. Reiki treatments are helpful for stress reduction, and releasing old energy/emotions. Children tell Gretchen they feel peaceful, warm and calm when they receive Reiki and some fall asleep, while moms and teachers  almost always deep sleep and don't want to get off the table! Gretchen also teaches adult or parent/child classes to learn Reiki so you can always have your own healing hands. (ex. before a test, I miss my mom, carpool, post staff meeting). 
OIf you would like to learn more about EFT or Reiki, or book a personal session, please reach out to Gretchen at
You will also find her new weekly blog post here on the Collective called Practical Magic where she shares her own healing/parenting adventures as well as shares ideas you can use at home and school.

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