How to Style the Rainbow Sweater | By Delondra Mesa

How to Style the Rainbow Sweater | By Delondra Mesa

     I heard some of you were sleeping on the Rainbow Sweater, and I had to show you why that’s a big mistake! It has a big, beautiful cocoon shape that feels very luxurious and is extremely cozy on a chilly evening. And it’s surprisingly versatile. Naturally, you can always pair it with something like a white bodysuit or a turtleneck that matches one of its sherbet-like colors. But it’s even more fun to wear with patterns, and that opens up so many possibilities.

     This simple boho top picks up on the vibrant pink in the sweater, while straight leg jeans complement the blue and keep it all from looking too over the top. Pair it with neutral boots and don’t be afraid to let the sweater fall off your shoulders a little. (See what I mean about the sweater’s shape?) I’d wear this to take my kid for ice cream after school.

     A voluminous sweater just begs to be cinched. Try draping it over a paisley dress, then wrap a belt around the whole thing and don’t skimp on the accessories. I used a black belt because it’s what I had, but it would look even better with white or nude. A denim jacket thrown over the shoulders helps ground the whole outfit. This would be fun for a dinner out with girlfriends (socially distanced and on the patio, of course.)

     This last one might be my favorite. It is both laid back and so cool. The rainbow sweater really looks fantastic with a distressed graphic tee. Keep the base neutral with matching black cropped flares and white sneakers. Then add some equally whimsical statement earrings. People would freak out (in a good way) if you wore this on a Zoom meeting, but it would also be great at an outdoor concert.

Grab one for yourself here! 🌈


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