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Create perfect brows that are full, defined, and natural. These products will maximize your brows and are the perfect finish to any makeup look.


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Ultra-Fine Brow Pencil

in Light, Medium or Dark


Define your brows with just a few strokes. The precise tip of our brow pencil creates incredibly fine, hair-like strokes to achieve natural-looking brows that last. Our smooth, long-lasting formula is ideal for filling in sparse areas and giving brows natural definition for a clean, polished look.


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Strike Rich

Clear & Tinted Brow Gel

Available in Clear, Light, Medium and Dark

Create brows that are rich in volume and color with our Strike Rich Brow Gel. Our tinted brow gel is rich in pigment and plant-based fibers to add volume and fill in sparse areas of the brow. This water-resistant formula keeps color and fibers locked on to tame, define, and hold the shape of your brow.


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Other recommended brow products:

Perfect Eyeshadow (in brown, black or taupe - depending on your brow color. Apply with an angled shadow brush or small eyeshadow brush) and Perfect Eyeliner Pen (in brown - create soft flicks to mimic brow hairs)


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