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* Free of parabens, safe and available for use by the home customer *

* Buy products individually, or create your own customized palettes. All makeup comes in magnetic tins and is easy to pop in and out. *

Amber Moon Beauty, by Amber Moon Boutique, is proud to offer professional grade makeup by LimeLife by Alcone

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* Shopping link will take you to the LimeLife website where you will complete your purchase. Purchases from LimeLife will ship directly from the LimeLife warehouse in New York, and will be separate from any Amber Moon Boutique purchases that you make. Amber Moon discounts cannot be applied to or used with any purchases of LimeLife products. Please read LimeLife's return policy before you make your purchase.



 Professional makeup is only available to makeup artists for use in their craft. Due to the longstanding relationship Alcone has with professional makeup companies, they were able to secure exclusive rights to the branding and development of makeup for you, the home customer, but with professional grade formulas.
Most makeup on the market is only 5-15% pigmented, the rest of the product being made up of fillers, chemicals, parabens. LimeLife makeup is 50% pigmented (color) and free of harmful parabens. More pigmented makeup means less product is necessary per use, the product looks better and lasts longer on your skin, and it is a better value as you need to purchase products less frequently. 
You won't know the superiority of professional grade makeup until you try it!
phthalate free • paraben free • chemical free •
• cruelty free •