Remote Styling: Our Virtual Option

Do you wish you could use our Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Consulting, or Closet Editing services, but live too far away, or are trying to be safe during the COVID pandemic?
We can remote style you! We will do everything we can to help you shop for pieces, edit your wardrobe, and put outfits together remotely. We can work by FaceTime, zoom, phone, email, DM or text to figure it out ~ sending pictures will help immensely!
The Remote Styling Fine Print:
  • $125 deposit required for the first hour, $100 each additional hour spent communicating (time can be broken up into different increments, i.e. 20 min. one day, 40 min. another day, etc.)
  • Monthly fee rate available for daily style advice if it's a few minutes or giving an opinion on an outfit picture // $50 a month for daily style advice (limited to one message and/or one picture a day), or $15 per single outfit advice (i.e. one time thing of helping you decide remotely - Should I wear this or this? Which looks better? etc.)

Email or DM us to get started, or book here


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