LimeLife face and eye serums are super-concentrated and naturally derived – the potent powerhouses of our skin care line. Layer them on before richer creams to help skin retain moisture and build an overall more radiant complexion. Using a carrier oil with your serum, helps the benefits of the product penetrate into your skin even more deeply.

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Songyi Mushroom

Brightening Serum for All Skin Types

Reduce visible signs of aging with extracts from sea algae and the incredible songyi mushroom to brighten and tighten, producing radiant, youthful skin. 

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One Drop Wonder

Pomifera Oil Universal Oil

For All Skin Types

One Drop Wonder is a light-weight, vegan oil that is cold press isolated from the seeds of the Maclura Pomifera fruit. The precious oil is cold-pressed extracted and can be mixed with any of our products to act as a booster or carrier oil to enhance that product's benefits. Pomifera is a naturally abundant botanical, purchased and purified within our local harvest communities in Iowa via zero input farming techniques. As a result, One Drop Wonder has a high impact on performance and low impact on the environment.

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Midnight Oil Serum

Marula Oil

Oil Serum for Normal to Dry Skin

This moisturizing facial serum is enriched with antioxidants, essential oils and naturally derived emollients to help skin retain moisture, protect skin from dryness caused by environmental aggression and create luminous, glowing skin from the inside out. Use nightly, after our Midnight Oil Cleanser, to produce radiant, youthful skin while you sleep.

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Eye Arise Eye Serum

Aspen Bark & Carob

Eye Arise Eye Serum uses naturally derived, yet highly effective ingredients to help fight the signs of aging around the eye area. This unique formula effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines and firms delicate skin around the eye area. The cooling ceramic tip applicator instantly soothes and awakens skin to achieve refreshed youthful radiance right before your eyes.


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