Styling Services

~ Welcome to our newest addition ~

Our Amber Moon Styling Services!

We now offer a variety styling and personal shopping services to help you look and feel your best! #investinyourself
We believe that becoming the most magnificent version of yourself is essential to being in full mind and body alignment. It is your birthright to look your best and to feel good about yourself at all times! Having a wardrobe that reflects your beauty and inner state of being is one of the keys to building self-confidence and having a great day every day so you can focus on feeling your happiest.
Here's a brief summary of what we offer ~ Click on the link to learn more information about each service.
Personal Shopping ~ We shop with you or for you. Meet us at a store of your choice to start building your dream wardrobe, or we head out for you based on your personal needs. We will help you shop for anything - Shoes, bags, accessories, makeup, beauty products, and home goods!
Wardrobe Consulting ~ Spend time going over your existing items in your closet and help you put together your pieces into outfits and a cohesive wardrobe.
Closet Editing ~ Help you go through your closet and decide what to keep, sell or donate.
Amber Moon Pull ~ We'll bring or ship the Amber Moon to you for you to try on at your home.
Remote Styling ~ Help you style your pieces and/or shop for new pieces done over the phone, email, texting, etc. Great for none Southern California based clients!
Unicorn Hunting ~ Help you find the "ones that got away" ~ Go shopping in store for you or search online to find those elusive pieces you missed out on the first time around.
Resale Education ~ Teach you in person or remotely how to sell your new and/or used items on resale sites like eBay, Poshmark, Tradesy, etc. We'll discuss the pros and cons of each, and find the site or app that's the best fit for you.
Kids Styling ~ Personal shopping, closet editing or any of the other services  available for your kids!
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Please email us with any questions, or to book a service!
Virtual/COVID modifications available for any service ~ Let’s chat and come up with something that meets your needs together.