All Natural Skincare and Professional Makeup for Home Use


Amber Moon Beauty, by Amber Moon Boutique, is honored to bring you all natural skincare and professional grade makeup

by LimeLife by Alcone

This all natural skincare is free of harmful chemicals and full of organic ingredients that get results. The professional grade makeup is specially developed exclusively for LimeLife by professional makeup companies, but free of parabens and other chemicals found in professional makeup. Read more on the LimeLife by Alcone story below!

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* The shopping link will take you directly to the LimeLife by Alcone website where you will complete your purchase. Purchases from LimeLife will ship directly to you from the LimeLife warehouse in New York, and will be separate from any Amber Moon Boutique purchases that you make here on this site. Amber Moon Boutique discounts cannot be applied to or used with any purchases of LimeLife products. Please read LimeLife's return policy carefully before you make your purchase. 

 The LimeLife Story

LimeLife by Alcone is part of the Alcone company and store in New York City, founded in 1952. Alcone got its start and continues to sell makeup to professional makeup artists working in theater and film. As makeup artists began referring their clients to Alcone to buy these amazing professional products, Alcone knew that it needed to evolve to make these products available to the home customer. Today’s LimeLife by Alcone is the evolution of that small store in the theater district, but with paraben free products safe for everyday use. 

Non-professional makeup sold at beauty stores, chain stores and department stores - the brands you use -  is only 5-15% pigmented, the rest of the product being made up of fillers, chemicals, and parabens. LimeLife professional makeup is 50% pigmented (color) and free of harmful parabens. More pigmented makeup means less product is necessary per application, the product looks better, it also lasts longer on your skin, and it is a better value, as you need to purchase products less frequently and they last longer. 

 You won't know the superiority of professional grade makeup until you try it!