Closet Editing

Keeping a well edited and organized closet is essential to looking and feeling your best every day!
Do you find that when areas of your home are clean and organized that your mind feels less cluttered? It's the same with your closet... When your closet is full of things you don't feel good in, that you never wear, or just don't align with who you are, it is adding to the clutter in your mind. Having an edited wardrobe will help you on your way to feeling your best when getting dressed each day. 
Sometimes it's just too much to go through on your own...
During Closet Editing, we will:
1) Clear everything out of your closet and go through each piece. Cleaning it all out is necessary to see what is really in there.
2) We will help you decide what you feel good in and you should keep, and what should go! We do not believe in the "...if you haven't worn it in 6 month rule, it should go.." Some pieces may really align with your overall style, and you don't wear them all the time, but they represent you. You also may need help figuring out how and what to wear them with...
3) We will help you put outfits together and to understand what works and what doesn't.
4) We will help you achieve a clearer sense of your personal style, to reinvest your interest in your favorite items, help you avoid continually shopping for new items that won't get worn - and ultimately save money
5) Will help you let go of what's holding you back // If it's gone, you won't miss it!
A few notes:
We are not closet organizers - We will not be redoing the physical layout of your closet or bedroom for you. We will help you whittle down and edit your wardrobe into outfits that work, and help you decide what you may need to add in to build a cohesive wardrobe that helps bring you joy and into alignment with looking your best. We will help you organize your wardrobe either by color, or by items (i.e. tops all together, etc.)
We also will not be donating or selling your pieces for you. It is your responsibility to donate or get rid of any items you are not keeping.  If you need help learning how to resell pieces you no longer want, check out our Resale Education option. Lastly, if you need a recommendation for a professional organizer, let us know!
Email: to book your appointment, or book here
Fill out the Style Questionnaire prior to your appointment so we can have a clear understanding of your personal style and closet goals 
The Closet Editing Fine Print:
  • $125 deposit required for the first hour, $100 each additional hour
  • Two hour minimum, suggest 3-4 hours
  • Can be combined with Personal Shopping and Wardrobe Consulting options // We can teach you how to shop for yourself in the future and avoid adding in unnecessary pieces that don't work with your wardrobe and personal style
  • Limited to Los Angeles and surrounding areas, but check out our Remote Styling option to come up with a plan to help edit your closet and style you virtually