Style Questionnaire

Copy and paste your answers into the questionnaire below before your styling service and email it back to us at: or we can do this over the phone!

Style Questionnaire


How would you describe your style now?



**** There are no rules when it comes to fashion – don’t worry about fitting into categories or labeling yourself – the extra info just may help when shopping for you and styling **** No worries if you skip it **** (Example: I would say I have a bohemian style mixed with rock and roll edge – lots of long flowy dresses or tops mixed with jeans, leather, rock n roll t shirts and kimonos)

If you’re not sure of how to “label” your style, here are some guidelines:

Bohemian – flowy tops and dresses, pretty prints, turquoise and bold jewelry, fringe, faux or real leather and suede accents

Rocker – leather, stripes, band ts, sexy short dresses, fringe, lots of black, stud accents 

Classic – sheath dresses, trousers, tees, button ups

Preppy – khakis, slim pants, tees, stripes, blazers

Minimalist – lots of monotone colors, large or drop crotch pants, very oversized sweaters, high neck and button up top styles, very few dresses – if so, think monotone or shapeless pieces

Comfy – hoodies, activewear, leggings, sneakers

Urban – tight sets, activewear, tight tops with baggy bottoms



What do you wear/how do you dress on a daily basis?





What do you wear when you go out to dinner or dress up?




What type of style would you like to have?




Where do you usually shop?




Where would you like to shop?




Are there any celebrities/models/style icons whose style you admire, or who you would like to dress similarly to?




What size are you? Give letter size and number please (i.e. Size M, size 8) What about in denim or pants? (i.e. 29)




Body type description: short, tall, curvy, lean, petite, athletic, etc. ~ The more info you give, the better plan we can have ahead of time to help you!




What outfits do you feel best when wearing?





What are your go to shoes that you feel comfortable wearing?




Are you looking to add new shoes into your wardrobe? And/or help in learning how to work in the ones you already own?




Tell us some info. Are there pieces of clothing you wish you owned… Create a clothing wishlist (i.e. black fringe jacket, dark denim, pink sundress, more skirts…)





How do you want to feel when you get dressed?




How do you feel when you get dressed now?




Are you looking for outfits for certain events or situations? (i.e. dinners out, work event, school pick up, weekend looks, travel, etc.)






Anything else we should know?




Which services are you looking for?





Thank you! xx Amber Moon