About Amber Moon

Hey, friend! I'm so appreciative of you stopping by to read the Amber Moon story. In 2015, I knew I had to make a change in my life. My daughter, Amber, was 3 years old, and I was in my 17th year of my career as an elementary school educator. Something was not sitting right with me about being away from my daughter all day while I was with other kids. While I had a great career as an educator, my heart always longed to have something I could call my own. 
Stacy and Amber, 2013
I had always loved fashion and all things beauty, and knew this was an area that would enable me to do something I was passionate about and work from home and be with my daughter while she grew up. So... in 2015 I retired from teaching, taught myself how to open an online business, and never looked back.
Best decision ever! Opening Amber Moon Boutique has been a dream come to life. What started as a small online boutique has now expanded to include: mens, kids, vintage, styling services, business coaching, alignment coaching, makeup and skincare, a podcast, multiple warehouses and so much more!
I have so much gratitude for those of you who have followed along on this journey, shopped with us, supported us on social media and even those of you stopping by and visiting for the first time. 
Helping people feel comfortable and beautiful in what they're wearing is such an honor. Getting messages about how you chose to take your Amber Moon pieces on vacation, or wore them to your sister's wedding, or a family photo shoot is so incredible. 
Yes, Amber Moon is a clothing store, but the main goal is to help guide you to your personal alignment and on your way to becoming the most magnificent version of yourself, inside and out. When you look and feel your best and your home is a reflection of your personal style, you set the groundwork to begin your day as your best self. When we go out into the world as our best selves, it cycles everywhere - uplifting everyone we encounter, enriching our interactions and changing our lives.
Happiness, peace, love and moon wishes    x Stacy
Read more about Amber and I, and how Amber Moon Boutique got its start here or listen to the podcast version here.
Amber, at age 4, Disneyland