Stacy Schwam // Fashion & Beauty * Boutique Owner * Entrepreneurship

Meet Stacy!

Stacy Schwam started Amber Moon Boutique in 2015. After an almost 20 year career in elementary education as a classroom teacher and a librarian, Stacy decided she wanted a big change. She ached to be with her daughter more, and to have complete freedom in her schedule while working from home. That dream was realized when Stacy retired from teaching and learned everything she needed to know to open a business, and insert herself in the fashion and beauty industry. Read more about the start of Amber Moon Boutique on the shop blog.

When she's not working on Amber Moon Boutique, Stacy can be found with her daughter, Amber (7), cooking, watching movies, going on nature walks, creating projects, and trying all the snacks at Disneyland. xx 

On the Amber Moon Blog:

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