Unicorn Hunting

It's a talent :)  Finding the ones that got away...
We will search high and low on the internet for you (or in stores if possible) for the ones that got away!
Did you realize way after season or a year or two later that you wanted a particular sweater or purse, or saw something you wanted on an actress only to find it's been sold out for ages or discontinued? There's a very good chance one  may turn up on resale sites as new or used! Women are cleaning out their closets every day and trying to make money off of what they have. We have a very high success rate of finding what we want after the fact, and we can help you too!
We will work with you remotely to figure out the details of the missing piece (i.e. designer, where you saw it, sending us pictures, your size, budget, and if you want it new or willing to have the item used, etc.)
Email us to start hunting! info@shopambermoon.com
The Unicorn Hunting Fine Print:
  • $50 deposit goes towards first hour/$30 each additional hour spent looking
  • If item does not show up anywhere, which does happen sometimes... We can continue to scope out resale sites for you monthly ~ $20 continued monthly search fee
  • Can pay budgeted amount for item up front so we can buy it for you immediately if we see it and it meets your criteria
  • We do not pay for the item for you
  • If you do not pay for item up front, we will message you where we found the item with corresponding links for you to purchase, you can buy it yourself at that time, or send us the money to buy the item for you at that time ~ If you choose this option, respond in a timely manner - Items can go so quickly!
  • Unicorn Hunting is available for clothing, shoes, accessories, kids clothing, mens clothing, beauty products, home goods and more!