Amber Moon Pull

If you feel lost when shopping online ~ unsure of how things will fit or look on you ~ Then we will bring or ship the Amber Moon to you for you to try on!
We will discuss which pieces you want to try on, your size, and style goals and will bring those items over to your house to try on in person. If you are not local, we can ship the items to you and you can return what you don't want ~ Please read the fine print below. 
Email: or book here to get started with your pull
The Amber Moon Pull Fine Print:
  • $125 deposit required, goes for the first hour, $100 each additional hour
  • We bring the clothes to you, Los Angeles or So Cal residents only
  • We can stay while you try on and help you figure out how to work the Amber Moon pieces in with your existing wardrobe ~ for a more comprehensive consultation, try our Wardrobe Consulting or Closet Editing options
  • You pay for the pieces you decide to keep
  • If you want us to drop off the pieces you decide to try on, $125 deposit still required, plus full deposit on all the pieces you are keeping to try on. We will refund the items you decide not to keep after pieces are returned. $50 pick up fee per every 1/2 hour distance you are from our location, or you can drop off to us or ship the unwanted pieces back. This is also an option for anyone out of Los Angeles, or anywhere else in the U.S. or international. If you want us to ship the items to you to try on ~ full deposit of all items is required and you pay all shipping fees.