No Black Friday for Amber Moon

No Black Friday for Amber Moon

Hi friends! Happy November!

As we look forward into this month, we've made the important and careful decision not to participate in "Black Friday" this year. After many years of being a part of the mass consumerism and overconsumption that is Black Friday, we've conscientiously decided to take a step back.

Black Friday sales seem to start earlier and earlier each year don't they? Now there's a Black Friday Week, and many stores are already emailing their Black Friday Deals on November 1st, or earlier. Thanksgiving through Christmas is historically one of the busiest times of year for retail businesses, and is an important time financially for a business to make ends meet.

However, this busy time of year disallows retail employees and business owners to enjoy the essence of the season, gratitude and giving. Instead of enjoying the Thanksgiving preparations or time with family, we're distracted and overtaxed trying to get ready for Black Friday deals. Black Friday encourages overconsumption of goods, creating the need for more fast fashion, and has a huge environmental impact. 

At Amber Moon, the most important thing to us is your connection to your self and your physical and mental well being. We want you to come to Amber Moon Boutique for special and unique pieces that make you feel fabulous, or help with styling and your makeover and skincare routines. Our goal is not to make you buy, buy, buy in the frenzy that is Black Friday and the holiday season, but rather buying only if and when you need something, or need a service that adds a benefit to your wardrobe and your overall confidence and well-being.

You may have noticed that year round, we always have a discount code on our site. Even though we are not participating in Black Friday this year or ever again, there is a discount code there now for you to enjoy all month long as a continued token of our gratitude to you for your business and support. 

If you do shop on Black Friday with us, we will donate a portion of the sales from that day to various charitable causes in the spirit of giving.

Enjoy this fun holiday season! We appreciate you so much and are sending love your way.

x Amber Moon 

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