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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Style


As a mom, I have discovered the secret to not losing my s***. It’s running away. Well, not really “running away,” so much as taking a sabbatical from being the President of Everything in my household. I am privileged enough to have a supportive partner and the funds to make it happen once or twice a year. But the true key to running away is to always do it with your friends. Ditch the mom guilt and do it if you can, ladies!


My best friends and I have started a yearly Girls Trip, but without Tiffany Haddish. I mean, she’s invited but for some reason she never shows up. I just returned from one of these escapes and this time we traveled to Savannah.


The Sisterhood of Style is vital when it comes to these weekends away. I’m not dressing just for myself, but also for my best friends. We love to tell each other where we got a cute piece, how much we saved, or guiltily admit how much we spent. There’s also something special to seeing how each of us interprets an outing’s dress code. Some of us are more preppy, more sporty, more hipster, or more conservative. But we each have a personal style all our own.


To pack for Savannah, I had to keep a few key elements in mind.


  1. What do I want to wear in 95% humidity? (I’d say “nothing” but nudity in public is still frowned upon)
  2. How can it all fit in a carry-on?
  3. What’s comfy enough to wear traipsing all over the city?
  4. What is cute enough for bars and restaurants at night?
  5. What will I feel confident in?


I decided right off the bat to leave the denim at home. To me, there is nothing worse than suffocating in a pair of skinny jeans. Plus, they would take up too much room in my weekender bag, and I refused to pack a larger suitcase out of some sort of odd principal. It all had to fit or it wasn’t coming! Wide legged linen pants and flowy tops rolled up perfectly and would help beat the heat. Comfy sneakers were to be worn on the plane along with my favorite travel top, and flats and sandals were slipped into the bottom of my backpack.


With number one through three on my list of travel style requirements covered, the question became what to wear at night? Lightweight dresses and jumpsuits are my jam and perfect for dressing up without sacrificing comfort.


The first night we headed to The Olde Pink House, a historic mansion with countless dining rooms serving local cuisine with a side of southern hospitality.


I wore my favorite wrap dress with cold-shoulder details, and a black slip underneath. Flat black sandals completed the look. The ensemble was comfortable enough for walking the mile to and from the restaurant, but put together enough to make me feel confident and in the same league as my beautiful besties. Plus, it was loose enough to handle the high heat and humidity, not to mention a full belly after chowing down on southern comfort food.


The next evening, after a day spent at the beach in which I learned one should really apply sunscreen multiple times, we went out for some upscale southern fine dining. The flowy jumpsuit I wore kept my sunburn from screaming at me and stood up against the sweltering heat. It was also formal enough for the restaurant, but casual enough for the old-school candy shop we spent way too much time in after dinner. Go to Savannah for the pralines, if nothing else.


On my last day in Savannah, I went back to my favorite current trend: the cold shoulder. This mustard top was loose enough to camouflage the pounds I happily gained eating my face off in Savannah, while still keeping me cool in the Georgia heat.


As we wandered Forsyth Park and historic cemeteries, I enjoyed my last few hours with my girlfriends. I got to be fully me during this girls trip: not just the wife, the mom, or the worker. I was all of it and more. And I could define it, partly, in what I wore. I dressed for my girlfriends, I dressed for the heat, and I dressed for me.


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