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Welcome to 2020!
You've probably heard a lot of people talking about their "word" for the new year. I like to think about it as a theme. What do I want more of? What word can I bring to all aspects of my life? There are so many words to choose from..but I think LIGHT encompasses everything for me. I definitely had to lighten up material possessions and release old stagnant energy on our recent move-and the space it has created on all levels has been amazing!
Our new home is full of windows and light and space-it feels so freeing. And after Winter Break, we are opening into new rhythms and routines with a new organized space that feels fresh and light.
I completed a ruthless purge of excess papers, books, and project materials that we really didn't need. I mean, I can probably justify keeping anything-but the headspace all that stuff takes up isn't worth it. I spend a lot of time planning our schedule and homeschool curriculum so that I can prioritize the areas we want to focus on as well as create lightness and space to explore!
And even our diet is lightening up-we started ordering the local organic produce box again, and I've planned ahead meals for January and February so that its one less thing to have to do. You know that end of the day feeling of not wanting to decide what to make for dinner... I actually planned out breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. Done. Even if our plans change, just having a plan makes me feel lighter. I'm even thinking about a capsule wardrobe type idea like I did when my daughter was in pre-school. An outfit for everyday of the week. Two weeks worth because...laundry. The less decisions I have to make on a daily basis, the better. I have a lot of clothes I love, so I suppose I could wardrobe plan like I meal plan?!
But what is most exciting is my morning hour of power that will start my day off light! I have committed to an early rise to enjoy yoga/meditation/headspace. Having this built in me time is essential for me to start off our homeschooling day. I have time to ground and center myself and fill up my energy bucket. I am also creating other ritual spaces for me-time through out the day/week/month as we begin our new homeschooling schedule.
My word guides me to create my mini-themes/goals for the year and in creating my vision board. Why do I do this? Because planning is everything. In order to have a great 2020-we need 20/20 vision. Once we create a vision, we can intentionally align with that vision. That doesn't mean stressing out and being mean to ourselves to get there. It means slowing down and having clarity about what's important to us and letting the rest fall away. I get a visual of putting a handful of earth in a sieve and running fresh water over it. The dust and dirt is washed away leaving us with a few sparkling crystals to light us up.
What's your word for 2020? Write it in the comments below so we can all witness it with you. Make it real. And if you would like to know more about creating a powerful vision board and achieving clarity in your life, then consider signing up for my Vision 2020 class starting January 25th. Details coming soon!!
Love and Light,
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